Limited‑Edition Seasonal Blend

KEY 7‑Pack Mini Pre‑Rolls

For all the days that end in “y”
KEY has got your supply
Single strain or seasonal blend
Single origin, from seed to end

KEY Strain‑Specific Pre‑Rolls

Full gram rolled from flame to crutch
Consciously grown with expert touch
Feels and flavor from favorited strains
The KEY is yours to unlock your brain

KEY Cannabis Flower

Now Available in Eighths, ¼ Ounces, and ½ Ounces

Award-winning strains with delicate tastes
In halves and quarters… and even eighths
Expertly cured, not the same old grind
The KEY is yours to unlock your mind

KEY Live Resin

With flavors and feels not often tried
Enjoy the flower’s power before it is dried
A Live Resin processed perfectly pure
Let KEY unlock the dabber’s allure

LowKEY Ounce Shake

with rolling papers

For the high rollers with a day off
LowKEY offers a less potent cough
Paired with papers, to wrap your way
This stuff hits like back in the day

Are you 21?

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