The KEY to well‑rounded cannabis

Cannabis Bud

The well‑rounded nature of KEY
Is more than just terps and THC
To experience the plant in ALL its joys
It must test high in Minor Cannabinoids

Well what on earth is such a thing?
What do they do? What effects do they bring?
They balance out a bit of potency’s nerves
To give you an experience that you deserve

Now that’s not all that these things do
There’s many benefits tailored to you
From physical wellness to an elevated vibe
Read below then give ‘em a try!

KEY’s Minor Cannabinoids



CBG( Cannabigerol)

Need to mellow from the THC?
You got a friend in CBG
All cannabinoids start off this way
Before the plant’s enzymes lead them to change
(not sourced from premature harvest)

Potential Benefits of CBG:

  • May act as a neuroprotectant
  • May work as an appetite stimulant
  • May help as a sleep aid



THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin) Molecule

Avoiding the munchies, or a couch of lock?
Well this is the cannabinoid you want to rock
If you enjoy cannabis use during the day
THCV will keep you awake

Potential Benefits of THCV:

  • May help reduce appetite
  • May help reduce nervousness
  • May help reduce couchlock



CBDV (Cannabidivarin) Molecule

For those who seek to relax
This one’s cool as a Coltrane sax
From wellness benefits to a moment of peace
KEY tests high in CBDV

Potential Benefits of CBDV:

  • May help lessen the magnitude of seizures
  • May reduce swelling
  • May elevate mood without intoxication

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